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Sharks on Chumphon Pinnacle
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Koh Tao - Shark Diving in Thailand

Scuba Diving with Sharks and Whale Sharks

Koh Tao Scuba Diving with Sharks and Whale Sharks

Scuba Diving with sharks and especially with whalesharks are the kind of events that every scuba diver just loves to write down it his/her logbook.

We would now like to learn evry fact about sharks here on Koh Tao. We want to encourage scuba divers to let us know about their shark sightings around Koh Tao. Tell us where and when you noted a shark sighting into your logbook. If you have a picture of the shark you spoted, that would be even better! You can now upload pictures and descriptions of sharks you saw around the island. Using the data we collect here,we can get a clearer picture about sharks around Koh Tao, Sharks in Tailand, Behaviour of the sharks and routes they take. A special interest we have are naturally the bull sharks on Chumphon Pinnacle. If you are around Koh Tao diving and you see a shark on one of your dives, please try to memorize everything special the shark might be rekognized by, like scratches, or dark or light spots or any other marks. Please also note where on the shark the described marks where seen. Have a closer look at the shark anatomy here.

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